Service of Ordination and Appointment

There will be a service of ordination and appointment as an ordained local minister for Philip Hacking at Polmont Old Parish Church at 7pm on Thursday 12th August.  As capacity is severely limited you are invited NOT to attend in person but to hold Philip in prayer at the time of the service.  You are also invited to view the livestream on or

This Little Light of Mine

“This little light of mine”, chosen by Allison, is our final Easter hymn.  But “is it really an Easter hymn?” I hear you ask!  Well, as Christians are “Easter people”, and we would have no Christianity and no Christian hymns without Jesus’s resurrection, I’m happy to include it.  It is such a joyful hymn, expressing the joy of having the light of the living Christ in your heart.  What can you do today to let your light shine?

Thank you to Alex for playing all the hymns for us this week.

How Great Thou Art

Our hymn today is “How Great Thou Art”, chosen by Ann.  It is based on a Swedish traditional melody and a poem, written in Swedish by Carl Boberg in 1885.  Since then it has been translated into many languages.  The version which we sing in English was translated by Stuart K. Hine, who also added two verses of his own.  While you could call it an “old favourite”, it is also popular today with worship bands.  Come back tomorrow for our final Easter hymn!


How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

For Thursday we have another powerful modern hymn chosen by Jean.  “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us” was written by Stuart Townend.  Is it one of your favourites too?  I hope you are enjoying the selection of hymns this week, chosen by our members.  Tomorrow we will have an older hymn, but one that is still popular today.


Tuesday’s favourite Easter hymns

Today we have another two of your favourite Easter hymns for us to sing along with at home.  First we have “The Old Rugged Cross” chosen by Jean.  Then an anonymous choice, “Because He lives”, by Bill and Gloria Gaither.  What a great selection of hymns you have chosen for us all to enjoy this week!

Easter Monday hymns

Happy Easter everyone!  Thanks to all those who submitted their favourite Easter hymns for us to share on the website.  Today we have two hymns for you to enjoy.  Jean has chosen the powerful spiritual “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”.  Then we have the equally powerful modern hymn “In Christ Alone”, by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, which has been chosen by Allison.  Come back tomorrow for another two Easter favourites.

Falkirk Presbytery Plan

The Presbytery of Falkirk will hold a virtual meeting on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 7.00pm.  The first item on the agenda will be revising the current Presbytery Plan.

 You are invited to observe the livestream of the meeting through the Presbytery website ( or Facebook page (  Links to the live stream will be available from just before 7pm.

World Day of Prayer 2020

This year the local service for the World Day of Prayer will be led by Blackbraes and Shieldhill Church on Friday 5th March at 7pm.

The service will be live streamed on the Braes Churches new YouTube channel  It will also be available on DVD, CD and will be available to listen to via telephone within 24 hours of the event on 01324 468811.  For more details of these see Brightons Parish Church website

The theme of the World Day of Prayer this year is “Build on a strong foundation” and the material was written by the Christian women of Vanuatu.

Should you wish to make an offering to support the World Day of Prayer you may so via Brightons Church Paypal account, or pop it into the church mailbox, or give to any office bearer, saying “Donation for WDP”.

As people all round the world come together in prayer, a warm welcome is extended to everyone.