All are Welcome in this Place

Services take place in church each Sunday at 11am.  We are restricted to a maximum of 74 people so if you wish to attend, please contact Mr David Syson on 01324 713361 or by Thursday each week prior to Sunday worship.

Our online services are continuing - select the 'Services' option above for recent services, or call 01324 468808 for audio from the most recent service only.

Passing on God's Love to the People of Polmont

Our mission is to be a place where God's love is experienced

and from where it is to be reflected into the community


Coming together in the light of
God's presence.


Maturing and learning together by discovering the richness of
God's written Word.


Together we take His Word to the world.

'What is sweeter than honey and stronger than a lion?’
(Judges 14:18)

The answer to this riddle lies in the Good News that Polmont Old Parish Church shares to give hope and comfort, particularly in these challenging and difficult times. That answer is: God’s love. Passing on that love to the people of Polmont and all who come across our path is our mission:

To be a place where God's love is experienced and from where it is to be reflected into the community.

Think of the effect of throwing a small stone into a pond, creating a circle in the water that becomes wider and wider. The one thing that becomes greater when you give it away is love.

The Rev. Debbie van Welie

I was born and brought up in the Netherlands, but my roots lie in Indonesia/South Moluccas. I was raised in the Dutch Reformed Church but, during the fifteen years that I lived in St Andrews, have worshipped in both the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church. I studied Theology at St Andrews’ University, after which I worked with vulnerable young people.



A warm welcome awaits you; we'd love to have you join us.

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Plenty of parking is available
in our car park.


Service at 11am every Sunday - please book in advance for the time being.