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In the late spring of 2007, it was proposed to the Kirk Session that the congregation of Polmont Old Parish Church should support an overseas mission. The minister was asked for advice on a suitable choice, and his suggestion of supporting Vicky Graham, a nurse who supplies medical and spiritual aid to the Tonga people in Zimbabwe, was accepted.

The Tonga are a primitive tribe, who live close to the Zambian border, originally a fertile area until the Kariba Dam was built in 1957. The Tonga people were then moved to a barren terrain with little rainfall. Unable to grow their food as before, they suffered severe hardship. There are approximately 150,000 of them living in an area of 300 kilometres in the Zambezi Valley about an 8 hour drive from Harare.

Vicky's home church, Highland Presbyterian in Harare, provides food aid to the Tonga people during the worst of the drought years, and she has set up clinics to treat the sick, and to teach the people basic health education. During outbreaks of cholera and malaria, she is often faced with treating hundreds of patients a day.

Vicky is also teaching the people about God's love for them. She has started Bible Study groups and works closely with local pastors to spread the good news of Jesus.

We in Polmont Old Parish Church now have the opportunity to help in the wonderful work being done by this young woman. Through prayer, direct giving and fund raising events, we can do something to change the lives of these people, in terms of improving their physical health, and spiritual wellbeing.