Who We Are

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Polmont Old Parish Church

We are a congregation of the Church of Scotland, which is the National Church for Scotland.

As a national church, it is the aim of the Church of Scotland to have a church within easy access to anyone, anywhere within Scotland. Accordingly, every part of Scotland is divided up into 'parishes', with a Church operating within each parish.

The Church of Scotland is a Reformed Church (i.e. it claims its formation from the Reformation). It acknowledges the Word of God, contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, to be the supreme rule of Faith and Life. The Church of Scotland holds, as its subordinate standard of faith, the Westminster Confession. It recognises liberty of opinion on such points of doctrine that do not enter into the substance of the Christian faith.

Central to this faith is our love and worship of God through following the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. Worship within the Church of Scotland is for everybody, regardless of age, nationality, status or ability. Patterns of worship vary from church to church, but we hope that you will find the informal style of worship in Polmont to be a meaningful and enriching experience.

Sunday Worship

Choir Practice - 9.45am (in Church)
Prayer Meeting - 10.30am - in Vestry
Morning Worship - 11.00am
Youth Church - 11.00am (in Church)
Transport available and Crèche for under 3's
After Church Teas in the Fellowship Room