Messy Church

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What is Messy Church?
Messy Church is part of the ‘Fresh Expression of Church’ that is developing in the UK and we are very pleased to be participating in it. The idea of Messy Church is to provide a more informal, family and community based idea of Church that would appeal to people who have little connection with formal church structures, or who are just keen to try something different.

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What happens at Messy Church?
Each Messy Church opens with prayer and then the praise band lead everyone in singing some songs. Following that it is time for a game then some craft work (the messy bit!). We then usually have a short talk and sing some more songs. To close the evening off we share a meal together.

Who is Messy Church for?
Everyone! This way of Church has something for everyone, from the youngest children to the oldest great-grandparent. It is a great time for families and individuals alike.