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Meeting Times:
Wednesdays: All sections 6.00pm -– 7.15pm in Church Hall

News and Activites
Each Wednesday evening the Church Hall is buzzing with activity from 6:00pm to 7:15pm as 2nd Polmont Girls’ Brigade takes over! There are about 30 lovely girls and we have three sections this year - Brigaders (from S1 to S6), Juniors (P 4– P7) and Explorers (P1 –P3). There are still a few places available if you know of anyone who would be interested.

Wednesday nights see Glorious GB back in full swing! Happy Helpers lead Excited Explorers, Jolly Juniors and Busy Brigaders through our Celebrations syllabus. We have over thirty girls on our register, and have learnt what a fun organisation GB is before starting on some seasonal celebrations. We had a fun ‘Bring a Friend’ party to celebrate friendship and are looking at Girls’ Brigade knowledge, as we celebrate being part of GB until Thanksgiving.

We have had GB celebrations of Thanksgiving, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, St Andrews and Remembrance Day. We brought along pictures of things we were grateful for, dressed up for duckin’ for apples etc, let off a few fireworks and sewed our own poppies…

The Brigaders suggested a list of topics they were interested in, and as they wanted, are studying some famous Christians, before working on a Christmas Drama which will be staged at our combined Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade Carol Celebration on Friday 16th December. Jewellery making and Christmas Cake decorating are also on the agenda. The Brigaders have embarked upon their Sugarcraft project– and we hope you will be able to enjoy a display of our Christmas Cakes in the Church very soon – and in between rolling out marzipan and baking fruit cakes have done Zumba and learnt about famous Christians...

The Juniors and Explorers have got stuck into the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ and our celebration theme..., before looking at the Christmas story. Their craftwork will be around these themes too.

Our physical activity for the whole company is Zumbatomic! – a seriously fun way to keep fit.

We are encouraging all Girls to participate in GB, not just by attending our weekly Wednesday evenings, but also being part of the larger Church on Sundays.

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The Aim: "To help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, to find true enrichment of life."

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The Girls´ Brigade
The Girls´ Brigade is a Christian uniformed organisation, international and interdenominational. It was formed in July 1965 by the union of the following three organisations:

The Girls´ Brigade (Ireland), formed by Miss M Lyttle in Dublin in 1893 on twin pillars, Bible Class and Physical Training, with its aim, "The extension of Christ's Kingdom among girls". Membership at the time of the union was 8,000.

The Girls´ Guildry was founded by Dr W F Somerville in Glasgow in 1900. It was a church-based organisation providing programmes for four age groups, and its varied activities were aimed at helping girls to become mature Christian women. It was international and interdenominational, with a strong emphasis on service to others. The first overseas company was registered in Jamaica in 1923. Membership at the time of the union was 35,000.

The Girls´ Life Brigade was founded by the National Sunday School Union (now known as the National Christian Education Council), a church-based international organisation in England, in 1902. It had a varied programme responsible for four age groups. Its aim was, "To help and encourage girls to become responsible, self-reliant, useful Christian women". Membership at the time of union was 120,000.

All these movements were designed to provide weekday activities for members of Sunday Schools and Churches. Methods have been adapted over the years, and the union of the three organisations in The Girls´ Brigade can be seen as a strengthening of purpose in the faces of the challenge of the present day.