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    26th July 2020: 'What is Sweeter than Honey...'

    19th July 2020: 'What Have You to do With Us?'

    12th July 2020: 'Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth?'

    5th July 2020: 'Yes, but...'

    28th June 2020: 'The D-Rate'

    21st June 2020: 'Having Eyes, Do You Not See?'

    14th June 2020: 'Alertness, Readiness & Fearlessness'

    7th June 2020: 'A Detailed Masterplan'

    31st May 2020: 'Building on Pentecost'

    24th May 2020: 'Ruth & Boaz'

    17th May 2020: 'From the Old to the New'

    10th May 2020: 'What is Your Name?'

    3rd May 2020: 'Upright as a Palm Tree'

    26th April 2020: 'Stay With Us...'

    19th April 2020: 'The Risen Lord, a Gardener?'